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Clarity and New Strength.


Transition Coaching

Transition Coaching means identifying, preparing, managing and implementing processes aimed at changing and developing your professional and private life.

It’s a way of managing processes of transition and development in times when you face changes in your professional and private life. In these times of being ‚in-between’, evolving from one state to another, Transition Coaching will continue to assist and support individuals and businesses that want and need to change in order to master challenges until the intended outcomes have become manifest and accepted.

Transition Coaching means mastering change, identifying risks, managing transitions and successfully embracing what’s new.

Transitions Coaching deals with professional and private matters: both impact on what defines how you live your life as an individual, but also as part of a group within a modern society. Transition Coaching proffers two distinct approaches to successfully deal with the specific requirements these two spheres – the private and the professional – put forward:

  • Personal Coaching / Life-Coaching

    Here we mostly deal with matters that affect people at a stage in their life where they need to define where they stand and where they want to go.


    Personal Coaching / Life-Coaching means: Identifying, preparing, managing and implementing projects aimed at changing and developing your private life.

    Wishes will differ. Coaching can assist you, for example, in finding new perspectives, in experiencing a more meaningful life, in identifying and implementing goals and wishes, in coming to terms with challenges, loss, problems and crises.

    Coaching sessions will support you at a time in your life when having to ‚deal with’ and overcoming challenges and crises is crucial. They might render you even more aware of who you are and have you explore - and possibly live - new options. In this process of clarification, you will discover in yourself new resources and strengths, you will experience energy, harmony and consistency as you integrate these new impulses to develop and learn into your life. You will learn to adjust your goals and to develop more confidence in your ability to act on what your mind, your emotions and intuition tell you to do.

    Topics that Personal Coaching/Life Coaching can cover:

    • Personality development
    • Self-Management
    • Confidence building
    • Roles in life
    • Identifying and implementing goals
    • Potential Coaching: identifying and strengthening resources
    • Work-Life Balance
    • Reflection on life concepts ands lifestyle – I have come so far – and now?
    • Loss – how to accept change in your life
    • Reaching a new stage in your life: acceptance and integration
  • Management Coaching

    This comprises Business Coaching / Professional Development and Executive Coaching.


    Business Coaching / Professional Development:

    Here we focus on professional issues such as organisation and structures, professional orientation and further development. The fundamental goal is to be by your side, supporting you in your work environment and furthering your professional development. I assist you in identifying and building on your strengths and capabilities with a view to being successful, remaining capable of taking action and enjoying your career in the long run.

    It is essential to understand how your business works and which structures and networks are in place. An improved understanding of your habitualised problem-solving strategies will extend the number of options that you have at your disposal.

    Coaching will have you question established ways of dealing with issues and implementing changes, in order to better understand how your company works and how those making up the company relate to each other, with a view to identifying hidden potentials and possibilities for change.

    You will learn how you approach matters related to work. You will also gain new ideas about how to optimise matters in order to reach the results that are important for you. Being able to access a broader range of options and gaining a better awareness of what choices you have, can have an effect on performance and lead to regaining professional satisfaction and agency. This process will improve your understanding of what your strengths are and where you could still grow. You will develop new capabilities and extend those you have.

    Executive Coaching:

    Maybe you are lacking the opportunity to discuss leadership issues or professional challenges you face with a person you can confide in? My coaching will assist you in taking a closer look at these issues, in tackling them differently, in developing new perspectives and growing your competencies.

    Having a coach and using her as a loyal sparring partner, will allow you to discuss and work through problems and topics that matter to you - you can work on solutions and try out new ideas. Working with a person who is loyal to you, who will throw light on your decisions from a systemic perspective, a person who can adopt - if needs be – a point of view opposed to yours, a person who has no hidden or skewed agenda or pursues her own interests - working with such a person will provide you with helpful, disinterested feedback and a whole range of different perspectives and options to act. Furthermore, please bear in mind that a coach is bound to absolute confidentiality!

    Topics that Business und Executive Coachings can cover:

    • Leadership, effective leadership, leading and cooperating
    • Women leaders, role awareness, enhancing your leadership style, leading effectively
    • Organisational development – culture, structure, strategy; Preparing, initiating, managing and implementing change processes
    • Developing and implementing strategies
    • Addressing challenges – solving conflicts
    • Preparing and implementing decisions
    • Time-, Stress- and Self-Management
    • Work-Life-Balance
    • Communication skills
    • Intercultural competencies for specialists and executives
    • Expatriates
    • Career counselling: changing leaders, changing positions, changing careers

Coaching: Clarity and New Strength.

My approach

The motives for asking for coaching in private and professional matters are as complex and diverse as life itself. Faced with questions about personal orientations, goals, development and self-management, exposed to pressures, crises and conflicts, experiencing loss and transition, or dealing with life’s challenges, all of this adds up: we are in need of solutions.

Coaching clarifies matters and strengthens your ability to decide and act assuredly. Every session is unique, my approach never standardised: I always work with a number of methods. My coaching focuses on what you as an individual or organisation bring to the table and on how you experience life.

Not the beaten path: new approaches, new goals, new tasks. I partner with people, organisations and projects to re-evaluate their goals and render them conscious and able to effect and manage their own change and further development. It is all about gaining clarity and the certainty to decide and act in a manner that will help you attain what is important for you.

Coaching is a specific, solution-oriented process of reflection and clarification that is limited in time. A trusting and professional relationship is the basis for a joint venture which not only empowers individuals and groups, but also accompanies them on their journey to successfully instigate and implement change and transition.

Coaching activates and moves people. It’s a process that identifies and uncovers the potentials of individuals, groups and teams, of organisations and structures as they change. Coaching focuses on (re-)gaining clarity, lifting one’s ability to act and decide, and on strengthening personal or collective coping competencies.

Coaching means looking at the present and the future. It uncovers the motives and principles that ultimately govern our actions. It helps heighten the awareness of causal relationships well below the surface, and sensitises us to better perceive how those hidden connections can impact on the way we act and behave. My coaching is designed as a process and a form of assistance firmly focused on delivering results. It is your goals that define the journey. If necessary, I will provide you with step-by-step exercises that will get you closer to realizing your objectives. Coaching creates clarity, improves you agency and strengthens your self-confidence.

How I work

Coaching is a process striving for sustainable outcomes. It is clearly structured and limited in time. It will usually be comprised of these stages:

Getting StartedGetting into contact and establishing rapport

AgreementAnalysing the situation and clarifying mandate and goal

WorkAnalysing requests and context
Working in-depth, analysis, action-oriented options, solution-oriented options
If needed – transfer into subject-specific practices and exercises

Wrapping upreflecting on the process and feedback

About me

Transition Coach, Cultural Manager, Pedagogue.

Working languages: German and English.

I am a coach and mentor. I accompany change processes and guide individuals and businesses with a view to facilitating transition and development projects. My focus lies on managing transition.

I cooperate with: COATRAIN Hamburg,

Professional background:

  • Canadian Embassy, Berlin Cultural Attaché-Performing Arts
  • Internationales Sommertheater Festival Hamburg Festival Director
  • Dance, Internationales Tanzfestival München Festival Director
  • Stella Musical GmbH, Hamburg Assistant to the General Manager
  • Theaterbüro Hannover Festival Tanz Theater International Artistic Director

Studies and Trainings:

  • COATRAIN, Hamburg Certified Business and Management Coach
  • DIE GRÜNE SCHULE Hamburg Heilpraktikerin for Psychotherapy,
    exam Gesundheitsamt Hamburg
  • CTU Trainerakademie, Hamburg Certified Management Trainer, Change Manager, Personnel Coach, Transition Assistance
  • Higher Education Education Studies/ Adult Education and Extracurricular Youth, Pedagogy, Psychology and Religious Studies. Diploma.


You would like to find out more about Transition Coaching and how I work? You have a question? Please don’t hesitate to contact () me. I will reply as soon as possible.

Coaching: Clarity and New Strength.

Kind regards
Gabriele Naumann-Maerten

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